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Rally Race Group (R2G) Shines at MotorSport New Zealand Awards

The Rally Race Group (R2G) achieved a significant milestone at the MotorSport New Zealand awards last Saturday night, earning the prestigious award for "Best Use of Digital Media." This accolade highlights R2G's innovative approach to event promotion and digital engagement, further solidifying their reputation in the motorsport community. In addition to this honour, R2G's co-director, Paul Fallon, received the MotorSport New Zealand Distinguished Service Award, recognising his remarkable contributions to the sport.


R2G's journey to this recognition began with the revival of the iconic Daybreaker Rally after a ten-year hiatus. Following the event’s success, Paul Fallon and Jacinda Harris, representing R2G, made a dynamic presentation at the Rally Commission's seminar, where they showcased their successful strategies for modern promotion and marketing of rally events. The seminar, attended by numerous delegates, sparked lively discussions and widespread interest. R2G's case study on promoting the Daybreaker Rally demonstrated their ability to use digital media and community engagement at a level not previously seen in the sport.


The award for "Best Use of Digital Media" is a testament to R2G's dedication and hard work. The small team of passionate volunteers has consistently pushed the boundaries, utilising digital platforms and talent to reach wider audiences and engage with those beyond the rally community. One of their most notable innovations is the introduction of the Rally Radio service, which provides frequent hourly updates on events, further engaging an audience that often is too busy or out of easy reach. They also effectively combined digital marketing with traditional print by incorporating QR codes on rally maps, allowing spectators to get directions on their phones, resulting in over 3,500 scans from the Daybreaker Rally.


Paul Fallon expressed the vision behind R2G's innovative approach during his acceptance speech. He emphasised the importance of engaging new audiences, including non-traditional rally enthusiasts, communities, and youth. The focus on digital marketing, through short YouTube clips, social media videos, and storytelling via social posts, provided valuable data that traditional media could not offer. This data-driven approach ensured that their marketing efforts were targeted and effective.


Tony McConachy, R2G co-director, acknowledged the contributions of key team members who played crucial roles in their success. He highlighted Jacinda Harris, the digital media lead, media manager Lance Hastie, video production team Bradon & Wade from Scrambler, front man Colin Clark from DirtFish Media, designer Daniel Harris, and Greg Rust from Rusty's Garage.


Paul Fallon's distinguished service award underscores his enduring commitment. His impressive career includes numerous international rally starts, nine New Zealand Rally Championship event wins, over twenty podium finishes, and a NZRC title as a co-driver. Extending beyond the track, his marketing and operations expertise have been instrumental in managing premier race championships and ensuring the success of major events like the World Rally Championship's return to New Zealand.


The R2G team’s relentless pursuit of excellence continues to drive the advancement of motorsport in New Zealand, inspiring others in the community to aim higher and strive for continuous improvement. Their recent achievements reflect their commitment to promoting and growing the sport of rallying. With their innovative use of digital media, strategic community engagement, and exemplary leadership, R2G is poised to make even greater strides in the future. The recognition from MotorSport New Zealand serves as a powerful endorsement of their efforts and a catalyst for further success.



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